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Protect public information and infrastructure

Government agencies make an enticing target for organized crime and cyber–espionage. Keeping public information and critical infrastructure secure, while complying with an ever–increasing number of regulations, can be challenging.

Federal government agencies in the U.S. must comply with a number of cyber security standards, including the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB), NIST 800–53, the Top 20 Critical Security Controls, and more. International, State and Local government agencies equally need effective security and to achieve compliance.

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Simplify your compliance effort

Nexpose is Common Criteria certified to Evaluation Assurance Level 3 Augmented (CC EAL3+), the highest level available. Nexpose and AppSpider provide built–in compliance capabilities to help you perform security audits in line with SCAP and stay compliant with government standards such as FISMA, USGCB and NIST 800–53.

Reduce exposure to critical threats

Continuously monitor your physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments with Nexpose to gain real–time visibility into vulnerabilities, configurations and controls for managing risk. After remediation, you can use Metasploit to simulate an attack and verify the effectiveness of your controls.

Learn more about Metasploit for Federal Government.

Find the attacks you're missing

Government organizations are being targeted more than ever before. That means you need to detect attackers in your ecosystem faster or the public's data could get into the wrong hands. If you have the team but need the technology, InsightIDR can help. If you want the technology and the experts 24/7, Managed Detection & Response is the solution for you.