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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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When it gets this good, you swap the E for an X

Traditional SIEMs were built to ingest massive amounts of log data and provide security teams with analytics capabilities. Figuring out where the bad guys were and what to do was typically up to you. From the start, we took a detections-first approach with the Insight Agent that drives reliable endpoint threat detection and spots attacks early. While many Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools became shelfware, we captured critical data and added relevant context to alerts. Security teams have endpoint coverage they can trust and act on faster.


Identify and prioritize risk

Let’s start with what’s in the box. Many vendors promising XDR outcomes are assuming you’ll integrate (and pay for) the many other technologies you’ll need for the complete telemetry set and extended environment visibility. Endpoint agents. Network sensors. Cloud hookups. User behavior analytics . Log ingestion. With Insight XDR, you install the Insight Agent on any asset in the cloud or on-premises. It’s lightweight software that collects data from endpoints across your IT environment. InsightIDR unifies endpoint telemetry along with broader data collection, giving you single-pane-of-glass comprehensive coverage, and reliable threat detection out-of-the-box. Analysts can choose the one with the highest priority, and respond.

Detect earlier in the attack chain

InsightIDR has a unique approach to detection. Here’s what it means for security teams: no more parsing through tons of endpoint logs to find what matters. Endpoint data is correlated with sophisticated User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and curated threat intelligence. O You’ll see suspicious activities — local log deletions, privileged escalations — and shut down attacks before any damage is done, without distractions or tab-hopping. Finally, because we “drink our own champagne” with a global MDR SOC, InsightIDR has an expertly vetted user experience and detections library.

Unlock enhanced endpoint visibility

Endpoint capabilities don’t stop at threat detections. With Enhanced Endpoint Telemetry (EET), you see a historical archive of process start activity on endpoints. EET adds context to whatever happened before and after any action on an endpoint, so you know exactly what triggered a particular detection. Security teams can accurately decipher between what was an attack and what was a normal command that happened to look suspicious—without jumping in and out of multiple tools. You can also leverage the EET data for investigations, hunting, and custom rules.

Activate file integrity monitoring

Once you deploy the Insight Agent to your critical assets, you can activate file integrity monitoring (FIM). It flags any changes to any specified files or directories on that endpoint. InsightIDR helps customers achieve critical PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR requirements. And unlike standalone approaches to file integrity monitoring, if you get an alert you’ll have valuable context around the users and assets involved, so you can prioritize and assess severity immediately.

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